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Video Tutorials

PHLS Hardware
PHLS Accessories
Internet Devices
How to use:
  • Home Page – Dashboard
  • Driving Info
  • Reports
  • Statistics
  • Management Tab
    1. Company – (Your Company Information)
    2. Account – (Change/Add users, Edit Email, Time zone)
    3. Vehicle – (Edit Vehicle Name, Settings)
    4. Driver – (Edit Group & Driver)
    5. Management – (Your Location, Geofence, Custom Events, Notifications)
    6. Settings – (Language Interface, Color, DST Time, Speed Unit, Default Dashboard, Video Download File Name)
    7. Change Password – (Account)
  • Live Stream Video & Audio remotely
How to: Settings

How to: PC Manager (Video Playback Software)
Access in person or Remotely Download Videos
How to: Phone App
How to: Camera Service (RMA)