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“Primary SD Error / Secondary SD Error” on

Error: “Primary SD Error / Secondary SD Error” on

Solution 1:
Check if Primary (top slot) or Secondary (bottom slot) micro SD Card is missing or inserted improperly. 

Note* Always power down the camera off before removing or re-inserting the memory card to camera.

Solution 2:
If error code continue, please replace memory card with a Brand New Micro SD Card, as it may have failed. 

Note* Memory Card  have a life span of 6 months to 10 years; Depending on the drive & recording time. Keeping spares on hand is recommended to prevent downtime.

Did you know that our PHLS camera support 2 Micro SD Card?
By design, you will double your recording time & lifespan + the 2nd card will act as a backup when the first fails. This will ensure your vehicle to be continuously recording for any instances that comes up.

Contact Planet Halo if you need to purchase spare recommended pro grade micro sd cards.


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