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How to setup the PHLS drive recorder w/ your own in-vehicle WiFi:

Camera: PHLS Drive Recorder
Hardware required:
PH USB WiFi thumb

Installing Hardware

Step 1:

Power down camera (from Ignition or unplug DC port cable)

Step 2:

Install the Planet Halo WiFi thumb into the drive recorder USB A port.

Note* If 6 inch USB extension cable is provided, please install the cable into the camera first, then the USB WiFi thumb into the USB cable.

Step 3:

Plug back DC Power to the drive recorder, but do not power up device yet.


PC Manager Software Setup using your own WiFi SSID & Password

Step 1:

1) Power Down Drive Recorder. 
2) Remove
Micro SD memory card from the camera TOP Slot.
3) Insert Micro SD card into the PC .

(Micro SD Card to SD Card Adapter included with device)

Step 2:

Download, Install & Open the latest PC Manager software if you have not done so.
PC Manager (player/camera software setup) is required to be installed for any video playback or camera setup.

Download PC Manager

Step 2:

1) Open PC Manager installed Software.
2) Click the Settings Cog Icon

Step 3:

Click Open Setup.cfg

Step 4:

1) Find your SD Card & get into the folder
2) Select
existing setup.cfg in the micro sd card.
3) Select

Step 5:

1) Click on the Network Tab
2) Select
Network Use
3) Select
4) Type in your WiFi SSID/Name & Password
5) Verify is still present, if not please type this in exactly as shown
6) Click Save Icon Below


1)  Like Step 4, Find your SD Card & get into the folder
2) Select
existing setup.cfg in the micro sd card.
3) Select
Save – Replace/Save over existing file if prompt.

Step 6:

1) Remove Micro SD Card from Computer
2) Insert
Micro SD Card into the Drive Recorder Top Slot
3) Power up the Drive Recorder & let the new Setup.cfg that you just created load into the camera. (Camera may reboot).
4) Verify Bottom light underneath the button go from blinking to solid.

Once light becomes solid; your drive recorder is connected to your in vehicle hotspot and is online.

NOTE: Your in-vehicle hotspot may shutdown before the camera when in parked mode, this will show a network error on the cloud as it loss connection, although this will not affect it going back online again next startup.

Wiring your own hotspot / tablet to stay on all time is an option to provide 24hr connectivity once vehicle is parked; although this will drain your battery.

That’s all! Drive Safe.