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Regarding PHLS PC Firmware & above

FIRMWARE: & above

Both FAT32 or EXFAT (recommended) SD Card
Format type OK to upgrade firmware.

1) How to upgrade firmware:

Skip to Step 2 in the link if your using firmware & above Click Here

2) After firmware have been given 3 minutes to update and reboot:

Link for latest Firmware: Click Here to Download

A) Update PC manager to latest: Click Here to Download

B) Load existing setup file from camera into new installed pc manager
& re-save back into camera for latest setting features/updates) Click Here to Learn How To

Once you update the setup file to the latest PC Manager, proceed on to next step:

C) Park Vehicle on a level surface

D) Power on drive recorder if not already on.

E) Please PRESS and HOLD the Emergency button in for 5 seconds until it flashes,
then let go. It will calibrate camera G sensor according to vehicle angle and reboots (2 minute).
(This is required on any new camera install to zero out G sensor).


For additional support help regarding this procedure; please email support for the quickest response – Email: