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FAT32 Memory Card Format Tool

This tool will allow you to format only 64gb memory card in a FAT32 Format

Note* Older generation camera only reads FAT32 to Flash Firmware.

Using the Fat 32 Formatter for 64GB Micro SD Card - Windows Only

Step 1:
Insert the 64gb Micro SD Card into the PC
Use the included Micro SD to SD card adapter, if required.

Step 2:
Download, Unzip & Install the Fat 32 Format Tool exe file (button link above).

Once installed, open the icon on your desktop. 

Step 3:
Click the Start Button to start formatting -
If error message shows, close all programs including the format tool and reopen the format tool software. 

Step 4:
Once you see "done", click Close.

Step 5: Your done! Your 64gb micro SD card is not FAT32 Format.
Now you can install firmware from your 64gb micro SD Card.