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PH4TS – How to: Convert RIM video files to AVI

Step 1

A. Download & Extract the EXE file to desktop.

PH4TS Viewer Software

B. Double click the EXE to open the video software.

Step 2

A. Insert the SD card into your computer and Click the “Open” icon on the video software.

Note: If you have RIM video files already saved on your computer, this method still applies.

B. Find the location of the SD Card or Rim video folder and Select “OK”.

Step 3

A. (1) Select the Video file you want to convert to AVI file.
B. (2) Select the “AVI Backup” Icon

Step 4

A. (1) Select the location you want to save the converted file onto your Windows Desktop.

B. (2) (3) Check all the settings that applies to your needs.

C. (4) Select “Convert” button.

That’s it! You will find the universal AVI file converted in the folder location that you have saved to.

We recommend downloading VLC Video Player if you have issues watching your converted files on your standard PC/MAC video player.