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PH4G Reset

How to: Reset PH4G Hotspot to factory settings

Note: White and Black USB hotspot is the same hardware. 

A. Insert PH4G USB hotspot in computer -  give it a minute to load up into your computer.

1. Open a web browser and type in the url address bar:

2. Enter in the Default username & password:

admin   admin

3. Click Skip


1) Click "Router" on the top tab.
2) Click "Configuration Management" on the left navigation bar.
3) Click "Restore Factory Settings" on right side window.

Give it a minute to reset.

5. Check network connection:

  1. Click "System Status" on top navigation tab.
    Check Green light status, signal strength, network at&t or verizon & if cellular network is shown.

    If all of these are present, you are set to unplug this usb hotspot and reinstall it back into your vehicle.

If the changes don't connect to a network, please email