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PH4G 4G hotspot – How to change APN using your PC/Laptop.

How to change APN on PH4G hotspot

Watch how to video for Verizon APN Change: Click Here


or follow instructions below.

A. Insert PH4G USB hotspot in computer.

1. Open a web browser and type in the url address bar:

2. Enter in the Default username & password:

admin  admin

3. Click Skip

4. Click Internet Tab

5. Click
 PDN1 (Default Bearer)

 6. Window will open, Type your APN under both 2G/3G APN Name & LTE APN Name

Click OK when done.

  • Default Planet Halo Sim for AT&T APN is: m2m005248.attz
  • Default Planet Halo Sim for VERIZON APN is: kajeet.gw12.vzwentp

  • a. For Verizon sim: Uncheck > AUTO APN - Auto Configure APN.
    b. Then Click Save.


7. Click System Status to go back to the dashboard and Verify your new connection.

8. You're done.

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