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How to update PHLS Firmware

Firmware: Download Latest Firmware Above

Note: Please use only Planet Halo’s Memory Card, as we do not guarantee proper function or lifespan of other brand.

Step 1 - Format Memory Card to FAT32 Formatting

A. Memory Card Type

FOR 128gb micro SD card
Use a 32gb or 64gb micro SD card and follow the instructions below.

FOR 64gb micro SD card 
If you have a 64gb micro SD card, you must use the tool provided to format to FAT32.

How to Video: Watch 64gb Firmware Upgrade Video
Website Tutorial: Click the link below, before proceeding with the below steps.

Then Insert micro SD card into to the PC

Proceed to Step 2 - Update PHLS Firmware

FOR 32gb or lower gb micro SD card

How to Video: Watch 32gb Firmware Upgrade Video
Follow all of the steps below.

Insert micro SD card into to the PC
Pulled from the camera top primary slot (only) or a brand new SD card .

Use the included Micro SD to SD card adapter, if required.


B. Back up all files on your computer, everything will be deleted on format. Skip if not needed.

Then in “My Computer” or "This PC", Find the correct memory card drive;.

For example, my drive is label: Removable Disk E



C. Right click the selected drive & Select “Format”


D. Select File System FAT32. Check Quick Format. Click Start to format. You will be prompt to format, Click OK.

E. Click OK to finish.

Step 2 - Update PHLS Firmware

A. After memory card format have been completed, you are ready to update.

B. Download & Unzip the most current firmware file. (entire update folder is inside this firmware zip).
Download button above.


C. Copy or drag the whole ‘update’ folder to micro SD card root.

(Folder contains ‘ACA_FS.img’ and ‘ACA_ulmage.bin’ file).

D. Once transfer completes, Remove micro SD card from the PC.

E. Insert micro SD card into the top slot of the PHLS camera. (bottom slot not required).

- Please make sure that PHLS is powered off when insert micro SD card.
- Note* Top slot is primary. Bottom is secondary.

F. Plug in the power and device will power on.

- Blue blinking light indicates firmware update is in progress. Firmware will now update.
- Please allow 2 minutes for the update to complete.
- Do not unplug power or remove memory card during this time.
The PHLS system will reboot automatically after update have completed.

G. Once you get a solid green/ solid blue/ solid white light (if white is blinking, camera might need a power reboot.

 We're done! 

Note: You can verify current PHLS firmware in PC Manager Info or in Vehicle Info on the Cloud.

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