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How to: Access the camera setup.cfg file remotely (from the cloud)

Note* Setup.cfg file is used to customized your camera settings; loaded into your SD card.
You can edit this file using PC Manager.

  1. Log into with your account information.

  2. On the home page, the dashboard:-Select a vehicle that you wish to download the setup.cfg file from.

    *Note: Vehicle must be on and icon is shown BLUE  , to remote download the setup file.


  3. Once vehicle is clicked, displayed on the right side you will find this remote connect icon. Click it.

  4. Click Download setup.cfg button to download the setup file.

    Note* You can also upload a new setup file with the Upload setup.cfg button once you edit the necessary changes on PC manager.

  5. Save the file accordingly to edit later . Your done!


How to: Access the camera setup.cfg file manually (from micro sd card)

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