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How do I save the actual video file or entire folder from the micro SD card?

To save the actual video file or entire folder:
(good for major incident that you may need to save a hard copy for).

  1. Power down camera.
  2. Remove memory card Micro SD card from camera.
  3. Insert Micro SD card to PC.
  4. Go to “My PC” or “My Computer”.
  5. Select the Memory card drive. (Yours may be drive lettter: D-E-F-G etc).
  6. Click the folder called Normal.
  7. Navigate to the correct folder by date & time.
    As you may notice, file name and folder is saved in a year/month/day _ seconds/minutes/hours format.
    *Note: File name is also shown to be the same in PC Manager* Write it down if it helps you find it easier.
  8. Once you find the file you need;
    Drag on drop the file or entire folder to your desktop and save it in a safe location on your computer.
    Note* Double click the file to verify it to be the right video that you are saving.

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