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How do I play back video from the micro SD card? (manual)

Manually pull the micro SD card.

(good for major incident you need to save a hard copy or view alot of video files at once).

1. Power down camera. Remove memory card Micro SD card from camera. Insert Mico SD card to PC .
(Micro SD Card to SD Card Adapter included with device)

2. Next Download PC Manager (player).

PC Manager Software – Windows
Click Here to Download PC Manager.

3. Once download, install the software & open PC Manager.

4. Click the open folder icon.

5. Then select the SD card from your computer you want to view, then OK

All the footage will then be displayed to the right window.

6. Double click to play each video footage.
Video will be categorized by, RTC+year/month/day _ seconds/minutes/hours.

All videos will be played in order from oldest to latest. Scroll down to find your correct video.

In the ALL folder, event video filename will start with EVENT_  & end with type of event.
S=Shock, B=Brake, A=Accel, L=Lens Cover etc.

IE:  EVENT_20180301_154059_S    <— Event_2018, March 1st, 15 hrs, 40 mins, 59 secs_Shock

To find all other videos in the ALL tab.
Scroll down until you see file name starting with NORMAL_ and search for you appropriate video by date/time.

NOTE: That the tabs above this window allow you to sort through ALL/EMERGENCY/EVENT/MOTION VIDEOS. The Map Button is for 3rd Channel Only.
This applies, only if you have enable any of these events to trigger, they will be saved in ALL & the specific triggers set.


A. To save the actual file: to reopen in PC manager with all the data/gps/sensor saved with file.  Recommended. (requires PC manager to view).

1. Check a single or multiple video file.
2. Click the Save button icon and Select the location you want to save it to. Your done!

B. To save as AVI :  Saving flat single video file. Requires VLC player to view (below) – All other players will only play the front camera view.

1. Check all the videos needed.
2. Click the AVI icon to convert (pictured below).
– Then Select the location or folder you want to save the converted avi file to. Click OK.

– Your footage is now saved and converted to avi. We recommend anyone who is viewing the converted AVI file to: Download VLC Video Player to play the converted AVI video file:

VLC Video Player supports dual/triple synced video to play together (in cabin / front view & the optional 3rd channel if installed). Download VLC now.

To remotely playback video from the cloud, go to the link below:

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