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How do I convert video file to AVI in PC Manager?


1. Power down camera. Remove micro SD card from camera. Insert micro SD card to PC (no Mac).

2. Next Download PC Manager, install and open the software.

Click Here to Download PC Manager.

3. Click this open icon

4. Select the correct SD card from your computer you want to view, then OK.

5. All the footage will then be displayed to the right window.
Click to play footage.

Video will be categorized by, RTC+ year/month/day _ seconds/minutes/hours.

6. Select 1 or multiple videos your want to convert to AVI. Then click the AVI icon; then save to to any destination you can easily find this file. Ie: Desktop.

- Your footage is now saved and converted to aviWe recommend anyone who is viewing the converted AVI file to:

7.  Download VLC Video Player to play the converted AVI video file:

VLC Video Player supports dual/triple synced video to play together (in cabin / front view & the optional 3rd channel if installed). Download VLC now.

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