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How do I change the LED light settings on the camera?

1. Access the setup.cfg

There is 2 ways to get access to the setup.cfg:
-Manually from the micro sd card.
-Remotely from the cloud (if vehicle is on).

Note* Setup.cfg file is used to customized your camera settings; loaded into your SD card.
You can edit this file using PC Manager.

How to: Access the camera setup.cfg file manually (from micro sd card)

How to: Access the camera setup.cfg file remotely (from the cloud)


2. Download PC Manager (player) if you have not already done so.

PC Manager v1.6.2.38DST – Windows
Click Here to Download PC Manager.

3. Once download, install the software & open PC Manager.

4. Click the setting cog gear icon.

5. Click OpenSetup.cfg

6. Then Select the setup.cfg you want to open.

A. From memory card:

-Double click into the Memory Drive..

For example: My memory card is “Removable Disk (E:)”

-Select setup.cfg and Click Open. Click OK when Load Completed is Prompted.



B. Locate and select the file you downloaded from the cloud


5. Then select the Etc tab above.

6. In this tab, you will find LED Light.
your options to turn Off, Always On, or On – Only at Event.

7. Once completed, Click Save & Save the setup configuration back into your memory card.

8. Re-insert the micro SD Card back into the camera when it’s powered down. Once inserted, power the camera up and let it load up the new setup.cfg file you have just made change to.

You’re done! 

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