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How do I play back video from the Cloud? (connect remotely)

Remote Connect from the Cloud – Request / Pull data from vehicle 
(great when you know exact time and date to pull video, if not; you will use up alot data to download and search)

Your vehicle must be color or blue to do this. When is is black or offline you can not connect to it.


1. Next Download PC Manager (player) & install the software.

PC Manager
Click Here to Download PC Manager.

2. Once logged into your account; Click on the vehicle name on the left navigation bar.

-Displayed on the right side you will find this remote connect icon

– Once the window opens, you can either connect to the micro sd folder remotely or search for files by date/time.

Select “Search remote file”.

– Select All, select the the date and time you want example 10/12/2016 at 9am and 10/12/2016 at 10am. This will display all videos minute by minute for that time frame you have selected. Find the video you want and hit send to server. A window should say request complete and select ok.

– If selecting the “Connect remote folder” video will be categorized by, RTC+year/month/day _ seconds/minutes/hours.
Search in the Normal folder.

3. Go back to dashboard, with the vehicle selected; click on “event video” icon.

Your video will be in this location, make sure the upload is completed before attempting to download for viewing.
Upload time may vary on your location signal.

To playback video from the manually pulled micro sd card, go to the link below: