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Checklist for Technicians – Prepare yourself for on-site troubleshooting

For technicians who are going onsite for troubleshooting :


Being prepared with these will help ensure you have all the equipment ready to go.

1) What equipment / extra spares to bring:

-USB Cable

-USB SD Card Reader

-USB Hot Spot Dongle

-Micro SD to SD.Card Adapter

-32gb Micro sd cards (for firmware upgrading).

-64gb Micro sd cards (for failed memory cards)

-Spare camera w/ gps brackets, tamper brackets, star screws, star
screw driver or L shape key and camera dc power cable.

-Zip Ties

-Wire Cutter / Stripper / Crimper

-Crimps 12awg

-Double Side Tape

-Windows Laptop fully charged w/ PC manager pre-installed. (not shown in pic)

-DC to AC inverter (to charge laptop in car if required.(not shown in pic)

2)  Tips – Pre Visit Setup


Follow these steps in order to trouble shoot camera.


1. Start with upgrading the camera to the newest firmware. Just doing this may fix a lot of problems. These older cameras with old firmware can’t read 64GB micro SD card. So we have to update the camera’s firmwre with a 32GB micro SD card only. Follow the directions below on how to update the camera’s firmware. Once the camera is done with updating you can insert the 64GB micro SD into the camera. (note: if you have only 1 micro SD card insert to top slot, nearest to power port).



2. On your laptop’s desktop (PC only) create a new folder and call it “planet halo” you will use this folder to put 2 files in it , a update folder and a setup.cfg file. You will use this 2 file to update the camera.

Follow the link below to download the newest firmware.  Once you have downloaded the firmware to your PC unzip it. There will be a “update” yellow folder, copy that whole “update” yellow folder and save it into the “planet halo” folder you created earlier.

3. Attached to this email is a setup.cfg file, download and save this setup.cfg file to the “planet halo” folder as well. Now you have 2 files in the “planet halo” folder, a “update” folder and a setup.cfg file.

4. Only with a blank 32GB micro sd card (no other size will work) insert the memory card into your laptop and copy both the “update” folder and the “setup.cfg” file into the 32GB micro SD card. When you do this your 32GB micro SD card should have only the “update” yellow folder and a “setup.cfg” file in it. Your 32GB micro SD card is now ready to update the camera.

5. -Power down camera first, make sure all lights on camera is off.
-Remove all micro SD card from camera.
-Insert the 32GB Miro SD card into the camera’s top slot, this card should have the “update” folder and the “setup.cfg” file in it.
Once inserted in, power on the camera.
The camera should start blinking with a blue light only for a minute. It will reboot and you should get a solid green, solid blue & solid white light in about 2-3 minutes.If you get ALL 3 SOLID LIGHTS you are done, power down camera and insert original SD card.

If you have solid green, solid blue but a blinking white light after update, follow directions below.



Solid green light means camera is recording.
Solid blue light means GPS is connected
Solid white light means it’s connected to
Blinking white light means it is not connected to
Check the dongle to make sure it is plugged in. The dongle should be plugged into the USB port of the camera. If it is plugged in but has no lights, the dongle may need to be replaced. If it has lights call us for support.

For more LED light troubleshooting: 

PHLS – Vehicle not online or 3 solid camera lights on immediately? What should I do?

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